Ages 5-8
Ages 5-8
Ages 5-8

Ages 5-8

Millbrook Press

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Author: Bullard, Lisa

Brand: Millbrook Press

Edition: Illustrated

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 24

Release Date: 01-08-2011

Details: Product Description Earth has a water problem. People need water to live. But only a little of Earth's water is usable. How can you help? Join Trina to find out how to care for Earth’s water. Do your part to be a planet protector! Discover how to reduce, reuse, recycle, and more with Tyler and Trina in the Planet Protectors series, part of the Cloverleaf Books™ collection. These nonfiction picture books feature kid-friendly text and illustrations to make learning fun! Review "The first things one notices about this interesting book series are the bright colors used in the illustrations. These illustrations will attract young readers to the environmental science content. The books cleverly use fictional stories to impart non-fiction information regarding taking care of the Earth. Trina, the lead character in the series, shares facts about Earth's water, pollution, conserving energy, and taking care of the planet. The books even question misconceptions some children have, such as the amount of water 'floating' in the body (see page 7 in Watch Over our Water). The books also contain 'circles of facts' which are written in a nonfiction narrative to describe scientific information that is being shared by Trina in the stories. These facts are written in child-friendly language and the information should be attainable by young children. Though the books are picture books which will keep young children's attention, they are also written as simple chapter books, complete with a Table of Contents, Glossary, Index, and references for further study. There are also activities for children to do to reinforce concepts from the stories. The books lend themselves to helping young children conceptualize ideas about the environment, as well as learn about the structure of an informational text. Teachers can share the books aloud with young children, or independent readers could read the books using the chapter by chapter format. These books will raise the environmental awareness of young children and help them recognize ways they can help take care of the planet." --Science Books & Films, Journal "This series uniquely, yet simply, presents information about the timely subject of conservation. Trina and her friend Tyler teach readers what it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle by starting with the very simple concept of people living on earth and making it dirty. Especially helpful are small inserts of more detailed information regarding a controversy around the subject being discussed. Preschoolers may not fully understand what the controversy is, whereas second graders may like to know more about it. Vocabulary words are defined in context as well as the glossary, increasing reader retention. Although the attempt to define chapters is appreciated, there is barely enough information to effectively do so. Illustrations fill entire preschool size pages with big, contrasting rich shapes. Even for adults, the illustrations are most enticing." --Library Media Connection, Journal "Ordinary kids Tyler and Trina are on a mission to save the Earth through green living in this fetching series. Taking what they learned in school, these young planet protectors lead by example, encouraging readers to reuse more, celebrate Earth Day, save energy, clean up litter, pollute less, recycle, and conserve water. The engaging and humorous stories explain how to make greener and smarter choices daily. Sidebars illuminate topics like wind turbines and coal. Each book includes an activity such as vermicomposting. Colorful, full-page illustrations keep the mood upbeat and lively. These appealing books show young readers how they can have a positive impact on the world." --School Library Journal, Series Made Simple, Journal About the Author Lisa Bullard is the award-winning author of more than 60 books for children, including You Can Write a Story: A Story-Writing Recipe for Kids. She teaches writing classes at the Loft Literary Center and regularly visits scho

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