Ages 3-5
Ages 3-5

Ages 3-5

Medicine Wheel Education

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Author: Locke, Kevin

Brand: Medicine Wheel Education

Binding: Hardcover

Format: Picture Book

Number Of Pages: 26

Release Date: 01-08-2019

Details: Product Description When we look up to the sky and see a beautiful eagle soaring by, we may stop to appreciate its graceful sight, but The Eagle Feather shows us, eagles also have powerful teachings to offer. In this book, we learn that each feather on the eagle’s wing represents a virtue from which we can all learn. Book Description An eagle has as many teachings as feathers on his wing. About the Author Kevin Locke is a world-renowned hoop dancer, distinguished Indigenous Northern Plains flutist, traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist and educator. Kevin is Lakota (from the Hunkpapa Band of the Lakota Sioux) and Anishinaabe. Kevin is from North Dakota, and his Lakota name is Tokeya Inajin, meaning “first to arise.” Kevin presents and performs at hundreds of performing arts centers, festivals, schools, universities, conferences, state and national parks, monuments, historic sites, powwows and reservations every year. Rumor has it that Jessika von Innerebner and was born with a crayon in her hand. An illustrator with a passion for color and comedy, she can draw her way out of almost anything! What she loves most is bringing engaging visuals to child-oriented projects. Jessika started her career at age seventeen and has worked on colorful, creative ideas for Disney, Pixar, Atomic Cartoons and Fisher Price. Jessika lives in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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