Ages 3-8
Ages 3-8
Ages 3-8

Ages 3-8

Scholastic Canada

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Author: Munsch, Robert

Brand: Scholastic Canada

Binding: Paperback

Format: Picture Book

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 06-10-2020

Details: Product description Is it a school day? Is it pizza day? Is it a snow day? Jasmine wants it all! Neat! Neat! Snowy feet! Snowy feet can’t be beat! Wintertime is fun! There’s a big blizzard blowing in, but that’s not going to stop Jasmine from going to school – it’s just a little snow, and it’s pizza day, after all! But as soon as she sets out the snow starts to come down faster and faster until she finds herself frozen stiff, with just her hat poking out of a snowdrift. Rescue comes in the form of the school custodian, who stomps out on snowshoes, yanks her out, pulls her inside and figures out how to get her thawed. But on the way to her class they notice that the school is empty – the principal has declared a snow day! Which is always great news . . . but how is Jasmine going to get her pizza? Review " So Much Snow! could be used as a tool to teach children several elements of poetry, including: rhyme scheme, repetition, and rhythm. Each time the snow gets deeper, Jasmine sings new lyrics to her song, but the structure of the song remains consistent… the song lyrics, and each short song is organized into a stanza with five lines…. Highly Recommended.” ― Canadian Materials“Robert Munsch brings his characteristic absurdity to a typical situation, bundling up his story of a child’s earnestness with a sing-song refrain that reveals much… Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko have created a snow day story to amuse children and gratify their teachers and parents who will understand completely the mind of a child determined not to missed out on something grand, regardless of a few metres of snow.” ― CanLit for Little Canadians About the Author ROBERT MUNSCH started telling stories when he was teaching in a daycare, to get the kids to settle down. Now he is Canada’s number one author for young readers with more than 80 books in print, including such bestsellers as The Paper Bag Princess, We Share Everything!, So Much Snow! and Love You Forever. Every one of his stories was first told aloud to children – and each one is dedicated to the kid who inspired the story. He is a member of the Order of Canada, has a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame, and is a hero to generations of young readers. Robert Munsch lives in Guelph, Ontario. Visit him online at Michael Martchenko has illustrated dozens of books, and is most famous for his work with Robert Munsch including Smelly Socks, Makeup Mess and We Share Everything!. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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Languages: English