Ages 4-8
Ages 4-8

Ages 4-8

Boys Town Press

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Author: Bryan Smith

Brand: Boys Town Press

Edition: Illustrated

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 32

Release Date: 15-09-2016

Details: Product Description Cade learns that to be generous, it requires a real sacrifice. When Cade and his family find out their ice cream order was paid for by another patron, they continue paying it forward, and so starts the discussion of random acts of kindness Cade takes this idea and runs with it, showing unexpected kindnesses to others. But when Cade's dad would like him to donate some of his own toys, he has a hard time. Will Cade be able to learn the importance of being kind to others, even when it isn't easy? Find out in this tale about showing kindness. This storybook is part of the Without Limits series written for kids in grades K-5. Tips for parents, counselors, and educators are included. Use this book to teach children how they can participate in random acts of kindness Review ... an inspirational story about a boy learning how doing random acts of kindness works to help you grow. Cade and his sister Sarah begin learning about random acts of kindness when a stranger pays for their Super Duper ice cream cones at the drive up with their Dad and Mom. It cheers their Dad so much that he offers to pay for the next person's order in surprise and gratitude. Cade goes on to explore how he, a fourth grade boy, can learn to do random acts of kindness too. In the end, Cade learns four guiding principles to help him decide what random acts of kindness he could do. They are: 1. Do something nice that goes above and beyond, 2. Surprise someone when they least expect it, 3. Feel good about doing this nice thing, and 4. Don't expect anything in return. In the end, Cade learns much more about himself and feeling good than he ever expected to. Kindness Counts ends with a page of Tips for Parents and Educators which offers a list of suggestions for random act of kindness projects and activities for kids to complete. Realistic full color illustrations bring the story's acts of kindness to life, including the offer of a doughnut and hot chocolate to a cold, hardworking charity donation truck driver on pages 22 and 23. Kindness Counts is an excellent interpersonal relations enhancement manual for kids, a corollary of the Golden Rule. --The Midwest Book Review, October 2016 ...Using meaningful illustrations, the author and artist present situations that show the feeling of accomplishment and pleasure of giving to others. The book also places emphasis on the members of a family who are encouraged to participate in acts of kindness... --M.G. Paregian, Publisher About the Author Bryan Smith has worked in the education field for more than 15 years. His stories address topics like sportsmanship, executive function, self-control, self-acceptance, and kindness. His other titles include What Were You Thinking, My Day is Ruined, Stress Stinks, and Mindset Matters. Bryan's books have been recognized by The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval.

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